In the ❤ of Main Street.

Located at 21st & Main, we have been a part of the Main Street community for over 12 years. Our children’s art studio is a beautiful, big, wide-open space with large windows that frame the bustling street, full of natural light, wood floors & handcrafted B.C. cedar furniture, the perfect place for students to create & experience the joy of making art.

Our program follows 4Cats pedagogy founded on building a world that encourages a love of art, beauty & learning, an environment of kindness & happiness, a studio where we all work together in a beautiful, professional & artistic space.

Throughout the program, students can explore a variety of mediums, which encourages a love of learning, independence, creativity & artistic flow.

Students create NEW projects each session, they are guided by our talented instructors, using professional art supplies & are encouraged to engage in talks about inspirational artists.

3573 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N4

What's Happening In The Studio

Winter Classes, Workshops & PD Days
Spring Classes, Camps, & PD Days
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Meet Your Team

A group of friends & artists working together for the love of art.

Caoímhe Macallister
The Ultimate Organizer

Studio Guru Caoímhe (pronounced Queeva) “Queeva the Art Diva” Macallister comes to us from Limerick, Ireland.  Her educational background is a Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking from Limerick School of Art and Design. Caoímhe’s friendliness, kindness & Irish accent brings joy to everyone she meets. Her love of art, working with children, leading her amazing team of art curators & superhuman organizational skills makes the bustling Main Street Art Studio the warm, cozy & creative place it is!

Michelle Petrozzi
Michelle Petrozzi is an artist with a background in Animation, Communications and Acting, including Voice Acting!  Michelle considers herself a lifelong student of the arts. Her interests include singing, song/writing, acting, knitting, pottery and plant care. Above all, her true passion lies in the realm of visual storytelling. Drawing and painting are her true calling. Michelle’s always felt at home in her own world when creating, and it’s her life’s pursuit to foster that kind of inner-self expression with kids of all ages.

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Artwork Status

Please Note: We aim to fire clay in order of date but sometimes this is not possible due to space in the kiln or thickness of the art pieces. Clay pieces may need up to 3 weeks to dry.

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